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Galaxaura Rugosa : A red algae - 22/11/2019

Galaxaura rugosa is an algae found mainly in lagoons. It belongs to the Rhodophyte family, or red algae, the most represented family in tropical regions.


The calcareous red algae are the most luxuriant on the reef front and in particular on the atolls where they form a wine-colored corbel called ridge of algae, offering amagnificent spectacle.

We find them at the beginning of the external slope of the external reef and of the of the constructions of the lagoons. Often mixed up with the corals, they have a smooth surface and this is why they were called Nullipores. The limescale settles around each cell and make a homogenous, dense and resistant together.

They grow horizontally covering more and more substrate and vertically increasing their thickness. This way each foot enters in competition with other organisms, Madrepores, other algae, etc… and its internal part mortifies. This last event is clearly visible at the break which shows that only the superficial part is pink and therefore alive. Their maximum development is located between the line of low tide and few meters under the external slope. If the sea is really strong, they will rise higher as the rolling will moisten them endlessly, and go lower as the water there will still be rough.



  • Galaxaura Extract - This algae extract results from the active soaking of Galaxaura rugosa in a specificsolvent. This marine extract offers all the richness of algae in trace elements and soluble fibers.

  • AlgoMonoï Galaxaura - AlgoMonoi Galaxaura is a marine extract from the polynesian tradition which combines the properties of Monoi de Tahiti with the richness of Galaxaura Rugosa algae in trace elements and fatty acids. It perfectly fits modern cosmetics.

  • Galaxaura Oily Extract -  This aromatic, tonic and aphrodisiac oil can be widely used in cosmetic products.