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When the world of cosmetics meets the world of textile, it is the birth of new collections of clothes and linens continuously releasing Monoï de Tahiti on the skin.

It is this surprising concept of « cosmetotextile » that Wrangler used in a collection thought by the trademark: pairs of jeans soaked in a cocktail of actives, including Monoï de Tahiti. Encapsulated in the denim fibers of these pants, Monoï de Tahiti is released by micro-doses, and allows a deep moisturization, a shape modeling, and a comfortable clothing. 

The smoothing and shaping power of the jeans should last for 15 days' wear or 6-8 washes. After that, they will have to be « reloaded » thanks to a spray sold separately. According to Wrangler, theses jeans should retain their cosmetics effects for around 67-95 wears. 

These jeans will be on sale in the Wrangler shops from end of January 2013. 100 €. (

Several trademarks had already developed this idea by soaking Monoï de Tahiti in some of their collections: Décathlon and its Domyos T-shirts, having moisturizing or relaxing properties. More generally, the textile fabric used is the range Skintex® Monoï: a complete range of linens (sheets, pillowcases, duvets…) in which the combination of Monoï de Tahiti with other ingredients bring to the skin a sensation of well-being and softness.  

Discover exclusively on, the teaser of the Denim Spa collection by Wrangler with Lizzie Jagger.