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4th edition of Monoï Here - The Monoï Week - November 16th to 19th, 2011 - 16/11/2011

Monoï Here (pronounced Monoï Héré) could be translate by "Monoï darling" or "Monoï my love...". This phrase expresses all the attachment of Polynesians to this cult product from Tahiti and its islands. Monoï Here is also the name chosen by Monoï Institute for a one of a kind event: the Week of Monoï. An essential appointment from now on in Tahiti, it gathers all the Monoï-lovers around the “mama” coming from different archipelagos, from universities and laboratories. The event is creating an orginal space of (re) discovering and exchanges: the occasion to find again traditional recipes, to discover the ma’ohi pharmacopeia plants, or to open yourselves to moments of pleasure and emotion. 

4 days 100% monoï
During 4 days, the "Maison de la culture" (equivalent to "community arts centre") in Papeete lives at the rythme of Monoï and is organizing itself around 4 spaces :
• Culture and education (movies, conferences…).
• Creation (conception and manufacture).
• Use (traditional massage, care and relaxation...).
• Around monoï (workshops, exhibition…).

At the time of this 4th edition, the Monoï Institute invites you to decode the connection with care in polynesian culture. 

At this occasion, we will celebrate "Dreamy Hair", theme of the 2011 edition.